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Akazienstraße and Akazien Quarter

Lively but relaxed Kiezflair of cafés and small stores

Akazienstraße and Akazien Quarter


Anyone who turns from the noisy, lively main street into Akazienstraße finds themselves in a completely different world. You won’t find any department store chains here. Instead, the streets are lined with small boutiques, delicatessens and the “Acacia Bookstore.”
In between, there are restaurants and cafés everywhere.

Relaxing at Café BilderBuch
The “Café BilderBuch” exerts a special charm on its guests. In comfortable old vintage armchairs, they can browse to their heart’s content. The breakfast variations, named after well-known fairy tales, are available daily until 11:00 pm.
The current menu can be found in the “Akazienblatt” (Acacia Gazette), which also contains the latest news from the neighborhood and information about local artists.

The Akazien Quarter

Technically, the Akazienkiez consists of the triangle between Hauptstraße, Grunewaldstraße and Martin-Luther-Straße or Dominicusstraße. The namesake Acacia Street forms its center. In the 19th century, a small acacia grove stood by the Apostle Paul Church, hence the name.

The neighborhood inspires with its colorful, yet relaxed atmosphere. The two annual street festivals – the “Pumpkin Festival” in October and the “PrimaVera” asparagus festival in spring – enjoy great popularity beyond the borders of the neighborhood.

Organci market in front of the church

Every Thursday, a small but very fine eco-market takes place directly in front of the Apostle Paul Church. On offer are regional products such as bread, meat and sausage products, fruit, vegetables or Ayurvedic delicacies. With farmer Habel even a “pasture egg subscription” can be locked connected with a Hühnerpatenschaft. The buyer acquires thereby a right on 144 “pasture eggs”, distributed over 12 months. The eggs are pre-ordered on the Internet and picked up at one of the 10 Berlin markets.

Strolling along Goltzstraße

Officially, Goltzstraße and the surrounding streets up to Winterfeldtplatz are no longer part of the Akazienkiez. Nevertheless, we recommend to explore this corner more closely. Because the Goltzstraße captivates with a lot of other nice shops: Mimi” sells antique textiles, “Hobbyshop Rüther” has handicraft materials for every need, and “Tee Tea Thé” sells all kinds of teas from all over the world.

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